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Business runs on people and relationships, so the better your people perform, the better your business will perform.

ethree will partner with you to drive the performance of your workforce. We help drive engagement, creating a workforce who is passionate about your organization and wants to go the extra mile in what they do, we enable your employees and leaders with the right skills to produce results, and we help you empower your workforce to take ownership and make a difference.

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The Power of Three: #3 is Empowerment

The Power of Three: #3 is Empowerment

In continuing our discussion of the 3 elements that drive performance: Engagement Enablement Empowerment We will end with this last post on the final element: empowerment. Once we care about doing a great job and we have the skills to do a great job, we have to be allowed to do a great job. Empowerment is really about leadership, culture, and structure. It’s about working in a place where as an employee my contribution matters, where I have the authority to make decisions, where I can challenge and ask questions and be curious. It’s about leaders that lead me and help me grow, not micromanage me or control me. It’s about me focusing on outcomes and not just process following process. It’s about being able to be in a position where I can use my judgement and understand the consequences in doing that so I can make effective decisions. If you’re not sure whether you’re empowering your people, or whether you work in a culture that is empowering, you need to ask yourself a few things: When was the last time you hesitated about doing something at work? Did that hesitation stop you from doing something that ultimately would have been a good call? How much do you trust and value the senior leadership of your organization? Do they operate at the right level? Are they strategic in nature, or are they down in the weeds telling you what to do around processes and practices? That really isn’t where they should be spending their time. What’s the culture of your organization? How does your organization help you succeed on a... read more