3 tips for a strong strategic plan

Its a new year and many of us are busy setting plans and resolutions for 2017. That process is equally valuable for your business or organization as it is for you personally.

At ethree we help a range of organizations with their strategic planning process. If you’re looking to build or finalize your plans for 2017, here are our top three tips to a strong strategic plan.

#1. Get a broad perspective

Its easy to think that we can figure out our strategy all on our own, but varied input and perspective is important.

Consider involving your employees, your board members, your customers and even your competitors.  The more varied the input and perspectives you gather to help shape your strategy, the more likely you are to identify the most critical actions you need to take, and not to overlook anything.

#2 Keep it slim

Its tempting to want to capture all the actions that you think are important, but you need to be realistic about what can actually be achieved with the resources you have. 

By all means identify all the areas that need to be moved forward in order to achieve your organizational mission and vision,  but then once you have all those identified, rationalize the list down to a critical list of 3-5 ‘drivers’ or goals that must be achieved.   Only add more to that list if you have sufficient resources.

#3 Make sure its measurable

What gets measured gets managed.  If the goals in your plan cannot be measured then how will you know if you are on track?    Measurement can be through targets or KPIs, or simply a very clear definition of what will be different when you get there (think observable behaviours).  Either way, everyone needs to be on the same page about what you are striving for and the measurement of success for when you get there.   Of course, when you do, don’t forget to celebrate your achievement, because what gets rewarded gets repeated!

Strategic planning doesn’t need to be a complex or onerous process;  you just need a few clear and simple goals to guide your actions and help keep you focussed, so don’t overcomplicate it.

For help with your strategic planning, connect with us at contact@ethree.ca.

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