4 ways to ready yourself for change

4 ways to ready yourself for change.

If there is one thing we can count on, its that nothing will stay the same for very long!
No matter what your personality, preferences or change profile, at some point all of us experience a change or two that we find harder to handle, whether that is at work or at home. So when that happens, how can we make sure we are as ready as possible ?


Know what about the change will challenge you

A big part of readying yourself for change, is to be clear on what about the change is likely to challenge you, and thus when you will likely need help. Managing anything effectively starts with awareness.  Knowing your own traits and preferences is important.   Your traits are your enduring characteristics of your personality that shape how you like to be and often, your behaviour.   Tools like Myers Briggs, or DiSC can help you understand traits and preferences in depth, but in the short term ask yourself:  what is important to me?  and what frustrates me and why?  These two questions might help you identify what about the change will be hard for you.  For example,  if you like a lot of control and information about what is happening, that will be important to you, so how will ensure that happens?   Maybe you are a detail person, you like everything to be accurate and as close to perfect as possible.  How will this change challenge that need?

 Identify your support network

No-one has to go through change on their own.   Change drives emotional responses in us, especially when our preferences are challenged.   Identify who you will talk to when you are concerned .  Who will understand where you are coming from and how to help you?   Identify the people you can talk to  who will not just listen to you, but help you move forward.  People who listen but agree with you all the time are not necessarily your best friends when it comes to helping you handle change.  Identify people who support you but challenge you too.

Set time to check in

A large part of managing change effectively is recognizing when you are being impacted BEFORE you get to breaking point.   Identify when you are going to check in with yourself about what is happening and how you are feeling.   This might be a simple as identifying how you feel on a scale of 1-10.  10 being super happy and 1 being super not !  If you fall below a 6, it might be time to talk to someone or take action to address your concerns.  Other helpful habits can include journaling, yoga and meditation.

Build your skills

Sometimes change impacts us because we are looking at the future that will result and wondering where we fit.   Take the time to identify what that future will be like for you and start to build new skills that will help you.  These might be new skills you will need to be successful once the change is in place, such as new computer skills or technical skills.   It might simply be learning more about you and your own preferences so you can continue to build your adaptability and resilience.  Maybe its just learning something new that you’ve always wanted to.  The sheer act of having a plan and learning something can help drive positivity and a forward looking mentality, so don’t be afraid to learn something new.

Remember, a change that is easy for one person can be extremely difficult for another because no two people are the same.  Don’t judge yourself by other people’s responses, but make sure you take the time to ready yourself for the  challenges ahead!.

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