Action Partnerships 

Providing Ongoing Coaching & Expertise

Sometimes you have things on the go that don't warrant a consultant, but you'd like to tap into expertise and coaching, and a training program is not enough. To be successful you want access to the tools and expertise, AND support and coaching in applying those tools in practice. 

That is where our Action Partnerships come in.

Action Partnerships

We connect regularly with you, providing access to our tools and processes, sharing our experiences to help shape solutions, coaching you to overcome obstacles and building your skills as we go. It's a bit like having us in your back pocket; there for coaching help, ideas and support. You don't have to go it alone. 

We offer two levels of partnering support:

Portal Partnership

For more defined challenges and goals we suggest a Portal Partnership.

As a Portal Partner you get access to our online Portal where we coach you, one step at a time, through our proven processes and tools to help you achieve your goals. Each time you complete a step, you connect with us about how things are going and get our coaching and feedback and support to set you up for the next step to take. And, because it's all online, you can connect from anywhere, and have a log of all your actions and results to access at anytime.

Portal Partnerships are particularly good for :

  • Anyone leading a defined change. We support you in applying our proven change management process and techniques in your context.
  • Anyone looking to build a stronger, higher performing team. We support you with following through on the steps to take to help your team achieve more.
  • Anyone working towards a defined goal or challenge.

Portal Partnerships are for 3, 6 or 12 months dependent on your need, and are $295.00 + HST per month.

In Person Partnership

For more ambiguous challenges, or less clearly defined goals, we suggest an In-Person Partnership.

In Person Partners meet with us every 2 weeks for 90 minutes to talk through progress and challenges, work on solutions together, get coaching and feedback and agree next steps. In addition In Person Partners have access to the portal in between sessions to complete any suggested reading or activities. For Partners based outside of NL, meetings are by phone, or virtual.

In Person Partnerships are particularly good for :

  • Challenges that are ambiguous, or goals that are less clearly defined. As a first step, we will help you get clear on where you are headed and what your goals are.
  • When you want an experienced sounding board who can help with a range of people issues. We can talk through a number of topics over a longer period of time.
  • Anyone who prefers to discuss things in person, rather than online.

In Person Partnerships are for 12 months and are $595.00 + HST per month.

What Our

Clients Say:

Jess has a wealth of experience and ability that is well worth the investment. She is practical, direct, interactive and uses her skill and expertise to help the client achieve their goals. I didn’t just hire a consultant. I’ve established a partnership.

Mary Walsh
Manager, Organizational Development, City of St. John's

ethree is focused on establishing meaningful, long term relationships. They care about our success.

Kimberly Spencer
Director HR, Research and Development Corporation

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