We offer a range of assessment and other development tools to help build emotional intelligence, enhance interpersonal skills and support effective team working.

Available Assessments

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  • Based on the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, The Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment, or MBTI, is used in over 70 countries worldwide and by more than 2 million people each year. The assessment helps you build your self-awareness by identifying you as one of 16 types based on four different scales. You will complete a questionnaire about yourself which takes 20-40 minutes which will determine what ‘type’ you are. If you have already completed your step 1 and wish to complete MBTI step 2, contact us.
    Price: $ 299.95 CAD Quantity:

  • View the MBTI step I sample report here.
    Price: $ 299.95 CAD Quantity:

  • As an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner we offer a range of different DiSC self- assessment tools. Everything DiSC can help anyone communicate and interact more effectively with others by helping you understand your personality preferences by showing how you blend four specific styles. Each year, more than one million people worldwide use these research-validated tools to generate discussion, build self awareness and understanding, inspire action and transform organizations.
    Price: $ 279.99 CAD Quantity:

  • View Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Profile sample report.
    Price: $ 279.99 CAD Quantity:

  • View Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile sample report.
    Price: $ 279.99 CAD Quantity:

  • Understanding your impact on others is important and hearing about that impact through feedback is a valuable tool in developing yourself. At ethree we can administer a 360-degree feedback survey to give you insight into how you see yourself, verses how others see you. We will work with you to help you identify the right people to provide you with feedback and once your feedback providers complete the survey, we will sit down with you to review the findings and talk about strengths and opportunities for development.
    Price: $ 349.95 CAD Quantity:

  • To perform highly and succeed in a role we need to have ‘job fit’; the right skills and characteristics to fit the position. The Work Styles indicator assessment can help individuals and organizations explore the impact of personality on job performance. It can help you identify key motivators and behaviours which is essential for hiring the right people, developing employees and building strong leadership.
    Price: $ 249.99 CAD Quantity:

  • The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Assessment will help you understand your natural approach to conflict and how this may help and hinder you achieving results in the workplace.
    Price: $ 199.95 CAD Quantity:

  • The Change Styles Indicator assessment will help you understand how you naturally approach change and how this approach may help and hinder you in achieving results in the workplace.
    Price: $ 199.95 CAD Quantity:

  • As a leader, increasing the engagement of your team is core to their ongoing performance. We use our 4 pillars model to help you identify the core attributes of engaging leadership and where you can focus to increase the engagement levels of your team.
    Price: $ 149.95 CAD Quantity:
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