Consulting Solutions 

Helping You Drive Performance through People

At ethree we work with organizations in a number of ways to unlock the potential of their workforce and drive business results.

We pride ourselves on the differences in our consulting services and our clients tell us we aren't like other consultants. Want to know more? Check out the links below or get in touch. We don't charge to chat!

Consulting Solutions

We also provide consulting solutions in any of the areas shown below on the Consulting Wheel. We can identify and define your needs, design solutions and drive or support implementation to make sure you get the results that you want.

All of our solutions are designed with your Mission, Vision and Strategy in mind. And if that is part of your need, we can help with that too!

Our clients tell us that we aren't like other consultants.

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively.

We share our expertise and experience as we work with you so that we build your ability to do work for yourselves in the future.

We think holistically about what you need , and design solutions that last.

And because we know change management, we ensure that we minimize the impact on your people when we implement.

If you have people in your organization, we can help you.

What Our

Clients Say:

ethree provided high level professional services with extensive experience and a well-stocked toolkit in performance management. Through ethree’s quality of products and facilitation of the process we were able to gather our staff and people leaders around the table for the first time to have focused, meaningful and important conversations about employee performance and engagement.

Kimberley Spencer
Director HR, Research and Development Corporation

Jess was the Change Management lead for the restructure and reorganization of a 1000 employee division in our Canadian operation. Jess combines a variety of tools and approaches to build a structured change plan coupled with an ability to bring great insight about people that helps pre-empt issues and deal with unexpected reactions. The tools she used ensured we were managing the impact of change at all levels, going well beyond communications to focusing on sponsor and leader capability, resistance planning and training. Jess brings a level of insight, support and challenge to the table, driving action and helping ensure that we delivered the benefits predicted in the business case. We especially appreciated her ability and willingness to work at all levels to ensure success; from strategic planning around the change, to rolling up her sleeves to help draft communications and coach leaders on the ground.Jess’ role in our change project demonstrated the clear difference between project management and change management. I would strongly advocate to anyone leading a project to bring in specific change support, like Jess, in addition to project management resources and I would not hesitate to call on her again to support future change projects.

Jullie Hands 
Claims Transformation Program Director, RSA Canada

Jess has great intuition, bringing an ability to quickly see what lies beneath the obvious. Her perceptiveness and ability to ask questions that get to the heart of the matter make her an excellent facilitator for teams, a straight forward consultant to build capability, and a change leader able to manage both the tangible and intangible challenges frequently associated with change. Jess combines best practice with a practicality of approach, resulting in valuable solutions that really work.

Amanda Matheison 
Senior Learning Partner, RSA

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