Real Leadership for Senior Leaders (CEOs & VPs)

You’re role modeling and leading by example right? So what is everyone learning from you?

The world of work is changing.  The rate of change is increasing. Markets are more global than ever before. Economic changes have wider reaching impact. Labour forces are mobile and looking for new and different things from the organizations they join; community impact, work life balance, rapid career progression, a meaningful purpose, and an emotional connection.

And so the role of the Senior Leader is changing too. No longer ‘just’ operational decision makers, CEOs and Senior Leaders are, more than ever, the figureheads of an organization. They determine strategy and shape culture. Their actions signal what is ‘okay around here’. Their blind spots allow behaviours to develop, sometimes good, sometimes not.

Employees are watching. They take their cues from you, and your strengths and challenges can become the focus and blind spots of your team, department and organization.

And the challenge is that the higher you go, the less anyone wants to tell you when you’re doing something they don’t like. And they certainly aren’t going to tell you if they don’t trust you.  After all, you’re the boss right?

But 50% of employees say they don’t trust the information their senior leaders are giving them, and only one in 5 Canadians is actively engaged at work; which means they other 4 are missing something they need to achieve their full potential.

And so we created the ethree REAL Leadership™ program for Senior Leaders. An interactive leadership learning experience to challenge CEOs, VPs and other senior leaders and help them ensure they are having the impact they want.

This is not your regular classroom training. You wont get slide packs. You wont spend hours talking about ‘Mary the case study’. You will practice key skills. You will get lots of 1:1 feedback, support and challenge. You will walk away with clarity on your strengths and how to leverage them further, and your pitfalls and how to work with them. You will laugh at how obvious some things are and how you cant believe you never noticed them before now, and you will
have time to build a plan for your future success.

Program Objectives & Outline

The REAL Leadership™ program is an interactive leadership learning experience. We create a supportive yet challenging learning environment, and we keep group sizes small so that we can provide extensive 1:1 feedback.

Participants will walk away:

  • Aware of their perceptions of their current strengths and challenges compared to how others see them

  • Clear on their current ‘habits’ around leadership approach and where those habits may be effective or ineffective

  • With ideas on how to flex their style and leadership approach for greater impact

  • With a clear action plan for their next steps post program

INDIVIDUAL PRE-WORK: Where are you now?

We ask participants to complete 3 critical pieces of individual work;
A 360 degree feedback survey on the elements of REAL leadership aligned to the work of Daniel Goleman on emotional intelligence
Pre-work around their current leadership style and approach
Pre-reading of key articles and frameworks

1-DAY WORKSHOP: Managing ourselves and others

This face-to –face workshop is spent completing leadership activities and receiving individualized coaching and feedback. We cover the emotional intelligence model, with participants receiving their 360 degree feedback results. Participants then work at mastering emotional intelligence in action; completing practice exercises aimed at building greater leadership ability and ensuring ongoing positive impact on others. They leave the program with in-depth insight into their current strengths, opportunities to flex their approach for more impact and a clear action plan of what next steps to take to continue to develop.

FOLLOW UP: Planning for the future

 It takes 30 days to build a habit, so we follow up with participants after 30 days where we coach on applying learning back at work and encourage implementation of their action plans.

$445 + HST Per person
Fees include all materials including the 360 degree feedback assessment, as well as coffee breaks and lunch during the face to face workshop.

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Your Facilitator

Jess Chapman
ethree Consulting

Originally British, Jess has over a decade’s experience helping organizations improve the effectiveness of their workforce. She has worked in the UK, France and Canada, and has held senior positions in talent management, learning and development, employee engagement, organizational performance and change management.

Jess has a degree in European Business and French from The Nottingham Trent University in the UK and a management diploma from the Institut de Management Européen des Affaires in France. She is certified in Change Management and is accredited in a number of business and psychometric assessments that support organisational and individual development.

While working in industry, Jess led the learning and HR functions, personally delivered training to over 300 managers and senior leaders, provided 1:1 coaching support at an Executive level and spoke at numerous conferences of up to 450 employees on leadership, engagement and performance.

As Principal at ethree, she specializes in helping organisations lead change, increase engagement levels, improve leadership skills and build teams. She has worked with, or delivered solutions for, organisations in the financial services, hospitality, fast moving consumer goods, oil & gas, government and not for profit sectors. She continues to leverage her experience as a senior leader, her skills in facilitation and feedback, and her passion for people.

Known for her ability to combine creativity and expertise into a practical solution for clients, ethree works with many organizations to build strong and effective workforces. She delivers consulting solutions, training programs and conference sessions for groups of all sizes and across all industries. The result?  “A phenomenal experience” according to her clients.