Building Strong Teams 

Collaboration and teamwork drives creativity, productivity and efficiency.

How strong are your teams?

How we help teams increase performance:

Enabling a Flying Start

Helping a new team get off to a flying start; establishing common ground, building trust, establishing team behaviours and standards.

Clarifying Direction  

Ensuring that the team is all pulling in the same direction and removing individual agendas.

Increasing Cohesion 

Getting rid of cliques and sub groups to form a better, more unified total team.

Reducing Conflict

Helping a team find ways to better communicate, collaborate and finally get past some ‘sticky’ issues.

Breaking Down Sides 

Improving collaboration and the sharing of information and support amongst team members.

Driving Accountability

Increasing the extent to which the team held each other accountable, rather than relying on the leader to resolve every issue.

We use a number of assessment tools such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DiSC, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team as well as our own assessments to gather the insight we need. That way, we can develop the right solution that will help your team take strides forward.

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What Our

Clients Say:

Having restructured our leadership team, bringing together a range of highly successful individuals with diverse backgrounds, we needed to establish a common purpose, build trust and manage conflict. ethree worked in partnership with us to understand our objectives, providing helpful theory linked with practical application. Jess’ passion for development shined through, and her ability to understand people and their drivers ensured she provided insightful and straightforward feedback with practical actions we could take away and embed. As a result of our work with ethree, we have moved quickly from a forming to performing team, and I am confident in our team’s ability to deliver and excel in our business.

Alex Griffiths 
VP Operations, Johnson Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jess on a number of occasions. She is an amazing facilitator and is able to help teams address issues head on but do it in a very respectful and endearing way. She strikes a healthy balance between empathy and accountability which is not an easy task. Jess takes the time to gather information and insight before the session to customize to the specific needs of the team members and the full team. Jess is able to bring the real issues to the surface, set out an action plan to address them and allow everyone to walk away feeling good and as if a weight is lifted.

Elissa Hull 
VP Finance, Verafin

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