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Make your life easier. Set clear expectations.
Make your life easier. Set clear expectations. Often we get calls to help leaders with the challenges of the performance[...]
Handling tough feedback with grace.
Feedback is an important part of helping individuals and organizations be more successful. It plays a role in how we[...]
Handling emotional responses – Part 2
So in part 1 we tackled getting up the gumption to even have conversations that might trigger an emotional response.[...]
Handling emotional responses – Part 1
When I do training on giving feedback or having performance conversations,  a common theme  is the concern people have around[...]
4 tips to work better with your boss
Your leader has the greatest impact on how you feel about coming to work every day.  They have the ability[...]
Charlottesville. This is behaviour we teach.
As I sit here, the media is showcasing the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, and the riots there between white nationalists[...]
Assumptions. They can derail your conversations.
Assumptions.    We have all heard the saying "Assume - makes an ass out of you and me".  While I[...]
Where is your energy?
Where is your energy? Many of us spend time thinking about how to be successful in what we do.  Often[...]
4 ways to ready yourself for change
4 ways to ready yourself for change. If there is one thing we can count on, its that nothing will[...]
3 tips for a strong strategic plan
Its a new year and many of us are busy setting plans and resolutions for 2017. That process is equally[...]
When the team is dysfunctional
Many of us have been there. The team can't seem to find its groove. It's dysfunctional. People don't communicate well[...]
3 ways to manage resistance to change
Understanding resistance Resistance is a natural part of the change process. Unfortunately, we tend to talk about resistance to change[...]
Sponsoring Change Effectively
The first thing you might be wondering when you read the title of this blog post is, why do I[...]
Boosting Brain Power – build critical thinking skills
Last week I presented at the Board of Trade conference; Learn. Create. Innovate. I shared ways to build the critical[...]
Development planning – it’s really not hard!
Sometimes, when I talk to teams and leaders about development planning, I can almost see them roll their eyes; the[...]
Emotion at work and gender.
Today I was connecting with a friend of mine and we got into a whole conversation about the challenges of[...]
Supporting great work!
I read about the challenges faced by the Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council here in St Johns. At ethree we[...]
Top Tips for Change
Organizations of all types initiate change for good reasons. People and teams need to figure out new ways to solve[...]
Managing emotion at work
So I wanted to talk about a favourite topic of mine; showing emotion at work. The phrase "you're too emotional"[...]
Overly emotional? Get some sleep.
Today, I am tired. After a restless night’s sleep, I was struck by a curiosity: why does not getting enough[...]